Friday, September 06, 2002

Whenever I start my computer now, there's a message that pops up that says "Mr. Dribble likes to smell you." And I don't really know why.
Why I don't like living with other people: Parents who come downstairs and talk on the phone sporadically about bipolar schitzophrenia when you're tired and are trying to philosophize. Not to mention I hear the name "Nancy" every ten seconds. I have no clue who the hell "Nancy" is, but apparently she's the source of all my dad's pains in life.

College will be better, when instead of having to listen to conversations in the background I will be subjected to humiliating pranks involving green face paint and a tank of lobsters.
I can't listen to "Imagine" by John Lennon without getting angry with myself for being a spoiled white kid who wields no power over international affairs. I am tired of this and you.

Give me the love.
My interpretation of the Tao is the synchronatic unification of every person of the world. Through cause and effect we are all under constant sway from one another, breathing moving and growing as a whole. It's like the "butterfly flaps its wings in china and causes a hurricane in florida" theory. Most Taoists take it to another level and say that the Tao is a tangible religious force, that we're all just materializations, representations of different aspects of it and that it's "just playing perpetual peek-a-boo with itself.

With the invention of the internet and cellular phones, we can communicate ideas instantaneously. The rate of exchange is incredible. Not only are our minds adapting to the constant influx of ideas, but our culture is as well. We're interacting faster and faster, in an innate state of frantic motion. We're rocking back and forth with one another at an extreme rate. The Tao found (or invented) a means for itself to reunite and merge back with itself.

All of these proposed "Big Brother" technologies, like computer chips implanted in the brain, will be the final step. If used with intense caution and a total lack of government or corporate interfering, we will unite as one, a hive mind of humanity. Possibly terrifying, possibly wonderful. I have no clue what would happen from there, but it's happening faster and faster.

Reading this has changed your life. Permanently.
So hard to find decent folk these days. All the potential prodigies at my school turn out to be bigoted homophobe social retards just like I've had to deal with since sixth grade. Dying/spiking your hair, wearing black clothes, and quoting the Sex Pistols won't make you a worthy human being. They're all so concerned with being seen as unique by prospectful girlfriends lurking in the crowd that they fail to develop any reasonable idea of why they did indeed pierce their foreskin. So in the event that their fishing wields catches, the girls are so appalled by their nauseating habits of scratching themselves and then smelling their fingers that they slip right through their hands. Put away the gel, remove the brads, and go to your room to think about what you've done.

Wednesday, September 04, 2002

Ever think that the pro-america movement of post-9/11 is identical to the nazi propaganda of WWII? Getting everyone gung-ho about killing Afghanis with subliminal messaging and propaganda? Careful where that goes now. Very careful.