Sunday, September 18, 2005

I haven't been making posts because my life has been swallowed by books. I have had little time to produce any content, only to consume.

Here's the best poem I've ever written.

How to Read a Poem

One e. e. cummings, cleaned and preserved before shipping, was passed out to each group.
Naturally, everyone was missing some scalpel or another but everything was squared away as best as could be hoped.

Slowly, uncertainly and after much consultation of e. e. cummings anatomical diagrams and careful scrutiny of lab instructions, the poets blossomed like pink flowers.

A girl at the back of the class screamed suddenly, asserting between shrieks that her e. e. cummings had smiled at her.
The teacher, amused by the girl's enthusiastic terror, motioned to the pale mess that lay on her table.

"If your e. e. cummings wasn't dead before, he certainly is now."