Friday, October 25, 2002

Before I leave for the weekend...again...I wanted to part with a few words of wisdom. After school, while washing my hands I had this moment of sudden brilliance. Just, pop, hey I'm smart.

While soundwaves are traveling through the air, they disrupt air molecules, jumbling them. Although the soundwaves are making them jump up and down and side to side, there's another force affecting them, gravity. So while a molecule may get bumped up, gravity is pulling it down, changing the sequence the air molecules hit one another and therefore warping the sound. So does gravity effect sound? This all takes place so quickly I doubt gravity has much pull in the matter. But still, interesting concept.

Wednesday, October 23, 2002

Round one of the chronic mistranslation game!

Soy la grapadora del bote de basura de las montañas

Realmente quisiera morder su escritorio.

Exprima mi pelo.

El mundo de Wayne, mundo de los wayne, tiempo del partido, hola mi nombre es Raul. Soy de Nicaragua.  
¿Usted tiene gusto de tocar el refridgerator? Quisiera tocarle.

Por favor fracaso ahora.

Fabio robó mis llaves del coche.

Azote la enfermera secreta.

Mi fondo tiene gusto de acariciarle.

Tuesday, October 22, 2002

Well, what can I say? Spent the last three days in introspection trying to discern my romanticism. Choices choices and my head's tired. A weekend fly fishing in the Sierras was not enough to absolve the clutter circulating around my mind. Thought about just taking a break for a while but I know how much my mood fluctuates in this sense.

Oh woe is me, have pity, cry for me, I'm so dramatic. Christ.