Thursday, October 06, 2011

A Full Page

A useful decor would be posters only of yourself, indolent in bed and in front of your computer, so that you could not escape your context through distraction.

There has never been a superhero with a scarf.

All unwise behavior begins with a response of "Yeah, but..." to the instantaneous dictums of conscience. The brain is much quicker than the self-identifying consciousness it creates. Conscience is an immediate reaction to events. It is your brain's most thoroughgoing verdict on best possible actions to undertake to ensure you thrive. It is the kneejerk response of memory to the incursion of events. A truthful identity is not an imposition of values frameworks onto moments past and future - it is fidelity to the nanoseconds-swift judgement of the sum of all analytical faculties. The ideal is to live at the cusp of the wave as it crashes in rapid syncopation. It is to remove fancy and the second-guess from the spontaneous task of meeting the moment. You are not smarter than your brain.

Chewed Up

Something taken at random from my drawer full of late-night existentialist scribbles.

You ever stop and listen to yourself while you eat? That must've been the first thing we learned as kids - how to ignore the sound of our bodies. It's fucking horrible.

Pages upon pages of this.