Thursday, March 06, 2003

Just so you can appreciate the effects of time: My humble beginnings

Man, there was a moment. And by the way, the CD's still for sale, along with a couple of new ones that'll make you want to kick your mom RIGHT IN THE FACE!!
Perhaps I should continue to allude to people and events I can't specify under layers of poetry that only I understand.

Wednesday, March 05, 2003

A little bird told me about a girl in its physics class. Real questions, spoken out loud, from her mouth:

"I don't get Earth. Do we live inside it or something? Because we can't see big buildings from space."

"Y'know how Earth has water and mountains and stuff? Well, do they have that on the moon, too?"

"Who was the first person to land on Mars?"

No joke.
I was listening to Blackbird and having one of those moment-caught-in-time-self-discovery moments that was absolutely priceless and poignant and DLEEELEEELEEEE the phone rings. "GOD DAAAAAMMIT!!!" It's my mom, she wants me to order chinese takeout. Find the place's number on the whitepages website, order, can't really understand what the person's saying. Put phone down, start going back to headphones and DLEEELEEELEEEE "GOOOOOOD DAAAAAAAAAAMMMMIIIIIIIIT!!!!" It's Bryan and he's coming over in half an hour to drop off recording equipment.

Oh well.