Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Final Status

That can never be posted on Facebook because the internet is too acidic an environment for sincere things. It is a fly-siphon that vomits the food it dissolves, so that it can siphon it again.

I do not need to tell you all that I love you because I love myself. Do you hear? Do you hear, seventh grader that started this thing? This blog? Who is still listening? I can think of only two people who have read this from the beginning and one of them is dead.

I love myself so that you don't have to. So that all the in-between moments of staring off into the rain while I pee in a bush, thinking about death, feeling the clumsiness of my body as I stumble down the street, do not equal even a single private moment of sober consideration. I love myself so that someday I will be able to love someone who also loves herself.

Love is the unimpeachable moment. It makes me nothing that you want me to be.