Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Kelso gave me a book on film today, and it got me a-thinkin'.

Film creates a basic language which allows us to interact on an equal level with each other. Starting at childhood, we are saturated with representations of emotions and the way fake people react to these fake emotions. Monkey see, monkey do, and soon enough we all think love is standing under a balcony with a torn heart. "When you are happy, you will smile."

Think about what would happen if these conventions did not exist: emotion would be much more masked. We all know what is going to happen after a man brushes the hair from a girl's eyes and she looks at him with watery, sniffly eyes. I don't even need to say it. If we didn't see this scene played out for us time and time again, how would we react? I don't know, neither do you, because we use these languages of gestures and pre-written dialogue patterns to communicate emotion with a protocol we all understand, and it dictates the way we interact. Next time you're around other people, try to recognize the body languages people use that they've picked up from the media. Try to hear the "worn cliche's" (how ironic that that too is now a cliche) behind what people are saying. Especially when things get emotional.

I'm not letting my kids watch TV.
I demand to know who's responsible for this. Kyra Phillips Speaks

Sunday, April 20, 2003

My typical JMUN experience:

1. Half-hour long bus ride to USD while listening to Mulvey whistle. Make a lot of Jesus jokes and hold signs up to cars (usually a drawing of boobs, penis, the usual). Occasional paper-wad fight breaks out, bus driver yells at William Wood to stop playing with the bathroom door. Contemplate what I'm going to say to Mr. Williams, the slick bastard.

2. Get there, tap feet nervously with sweaty palms or chuckle at the panicked expressions of the seventh graders, Mr. Williams doesn't say anything to me when I walk up to him. Shuffle off to delegations after looking older and suaver than you.

3. Proceedings underway, prod Jenna in the back of the head with a pen, whenever she raises her hand screech her name under my breath in a raspy voice. Rustle hair, assume a nonchalant pose. Entertain self by drawing pictures of John Lennon on resolutions. Make more Jesus jokes and give the chairs the old eye.

4. Present previously written speeches in persuading tones, walk back to seat with even stride but invariably trip on someone's tote-bag. Sit down, assume nonchalant pose, tap pen, stare holes in the back of Jenna's head.

5. Listen to seventh graders try to talk about politics without sounding stupid, eat lunch and try not to cringe at the 'intellectual' dialogue. Get involved in conversations, sound stupid and young, guess I am. Kick Bryan Casey.

6. After the conference, win every award I can and go home to a hot tub filled with oiled love goddesses, play Battletoads.
Things that annoy Kelso:

-Not doing your reading
-People who talk during movies
-Lunchtime music
-John Hawkins
For Christ's sake, stop saying Kafka-esque.