Saturday, November 04, 2006

George W. Bush

I am sorry you had to become
this thing, George,
though secretly I think I
admire you in a way,
how you give America its
true face and make us
think about cleaner things.

I am sorry you were
born into your world
of power and cabals,
secrets and winks
and nods that mean death
for children.

You are not my villain, George.
In the way that no man is a villain
but a

Because you know the hum of
and God sits in your heart,

So I am sorry that you
have become America,
as no man or woman should be
money and indifference,
as you are not,
I think.

I would sit and listen
to what wisdom you have,
as every man and woman has,
some dark night
in the White House.