Friday, October 10, 2003

"What is this human emotion you"

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

A half an hour ago my dad brought home two air-filtering units he bought from Sharper Image for quite a bit of money. While he was setting them up I read the instruction manual and noticed that you're not supposed to stand within a foot of it, and staring at it can blind you. Hmm. "That clean, fresh scent you smell is Ozone. The US government has set safe standards for ozone, and the Ionic Breeze complies with those standards." Something occured to me. If Ozone were safe, why would the government need to set limits on how much of it we can consume? I voiced this while my throat and nose started to close with a mucus-ey sensation. The units also glow with a blue germicidal light. Staring at this light can cause eye damage or even blindness. Hmm...but Sharper Image says it's safe.

My dad left, and it took about thirty seconds for my mom and I to find supported evidence online that not only does Ozone do very little to clean air, it actually agitates respiratory conditions and even promotes the growth of harmful contaminants. !!!!!.

"Well if the government lets us buy it, it must be safe." Cigarettes are still legal.

I'll stick with the cynicism, oh ye of little faith.

Beautiful, beautiful blue light...

Sunday, October 05, 2003

Shadows with no morning sun. Dark, dark room, darker every day. Snooze button. Snooze button again. Again.

Cold, cold water. Feed the drooping eyelid. Nothing can prepare mentally for something as formless and horrible as the rest of the day.

Everyone looks the same until you open your eyes. Landscapes of grey, fleshtone shifting mirages of little blizzards growing up to be snowflakes. Everyone's snowblind.

Always pulled against the tide. Nothing's pushing nothing forward. Never, ever, feel safe. Everyone trusts the wrong people. There is no love.

But look under the covers, and you'll find stars pooling into galaxies. You all look like ants...