Saturday, April 12, 2003

WiggleForce: yo soy perro, feliz
KrazyWinkerbean: hey
KrazyWinkerbean: whaty what what?
WiggleForce: i think it means, "I am a dog. Follow Satan into the nether."

My Karma's broken.

Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Batman is the greatest comic book hero of all time. He kills super-humans for a living using only his intellect and judo-break your face-skills. He's conflicted and dark, and he takes his aggression out on everyone in blind furies. He's rich, he pops sixteen-foot-boners, and he can kill you with the power of his wits alone. Discuss.

I've been reading Michael Moore's website, and why the hell am I getting caught up in all this careful calculation of what to consume and what not to consume? There is honestly no point in depriving myself of music or movies because they might violate some social ethic or break some cultural taboo that would immediately render me a worthless member of the automaton horde. Ghod, I just pulled a stick out of my ass and it hurt. Hooray for Eminem, it's all irrelevant and we should try working together instead of second-guessing everything we do from other peoples' eyes. Maybe it's just me.

"Well maybe Thom means.....girk.....skrrrg.....bphrrrrt.....robots.....
fearfearfearfearsocietyisgoingtoeatyoubuyouralbumsandliveinashedinmontana BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZT..................................."