Tuesday, August 16, 2011


How far off the mark would the songs at your memorial service be if you died today? Some softfocus things you'd hear very late at night on television? Maybe devotionals to gods you don't believe in. Will they say "he loved to jetski, oh he loved to jetski, and he shared his love with the people around him?"

The proper songs are kept secret, gramophones spinning at the bottom of mineshafts. The proper ones are those you play in your car every single day, that really belong to you because your okayness depends upon them. Or the ones that punch your heart with their beauty. They would frighten your grandmother and confuse the priest who talks about you without ever having known you. They would make your friends and family shift in their seats.

Here are mine.

Not that I foresee having a memorial service. But if I do, no fucking priests.


That gentleman's lady said...

Mine would all be deep house tracks :)

Anonymous said...

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