Friday, August 01, 2003

People say that high school is like a game. If so, the pieces have really shifted around the board. Everyone is now interconnected in completely new ways; social geography is changing and people keep re-emerging as fresh and different than when I last saw them. I don't know if it's just my attitudes changing, but I'm seeing some people in a much different light than at the end of the school year.

Everyone's got someone new. New combinations of the same friends make for very fun and interesting results. I'm sure I'll be pulled into it soon, but for now it's just good to sit back and observe.

Maybe I'm getting more accpeting? Kinder? More generous? I can talk to Bryan for a long, long time now and not have any conflict with him, even internally. Maybe that'll change, but it seems that just not being around everyone I know seven hours a day, five days a week has made me much calmer.

It's all good and well to speculate about these things like this, but when the shit storm begins September, we'll all just regress to our passive-aggressive, selfish other selves. See what this system does to us?

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