Friday, May 14, 2004

In Chem we were watching Big Fish to pass the time. A very good movie, and involving enough to make it hard to watch towards the end when things start coming to a close. During the saddest sequence in the movie, in which I couldn't help but get a little hurty, the assholes sitting behind me started doing what they do best: being assholes.

"Whaaat? He turns into a fish? This is so fucking stupid. God, we should have watched Pirates. This is such a stupid movie. How can anyone watch this, seriously(one of them shuffles a deck of cards as loudly as possible)."

Then I was silently angry at them and continued to watch the movie without saying anything.

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Anonymous said...

I have to say, I was pretty disappointed with it myself. That it's one more freaking movie about wealthy white folks aside, I mean, Tim, really, don't toy with me. You want me to understand the creepiness of suburban living AND be satisfied with a man telling his father's lies to kids in a swimming pool while he barbecues? Tim. TIM.