Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Perhaps the strangest lie that we, as young people, are told, is that without school we'd have no/less friends. As evidenced by the fact that we all seem to be getting along just fine after two weeks of un-school and I have since discovered a completely new social hemisphere, I would conclude that stated lie is complete and utter bullshit. If anything, school disrupts our relationships by forcing us to deal with each other five days a week.

Another lie: without school we'd be roaming the streets, raping old ladies and selling ourselves to sailors for crack money. I see no chaos and no more or less degradation than during school.

Don't you see? We can live together without the government telling us what's best.

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Anonymous said...

I comletely agree doofus. man youre the coolest dood ever. eff the man. right in his pooper.