Sunday, December 04, 2005

I was walking back from the library, listening to songs, I looked up and there was an elderly man coming the other direction. I was in a fantastic mood, ready to greet him with a grin.

When he saw me, he was about twenty feet away and crossed Scripps Lake Drive to avoid me.

Shortly thereafter, I passed a family who briefly made eye contact, broke it and didn't return my greeting.

I'm sick of this. One moment of baseless fear renders a vegetarian with a backpack full of poetry into a bearded menace.

As nice as Scripps Ranch can often be, I'm getting claustrophobic.


Lauren R. said...

That's why when we all graduate, we got-the-heck out of there. I miss you, mister.

Renee said...

Scripps Ranch is nice...???

At least you aren't one of the people who look at me, appalled, when I tell them I can't wait to get outta dodge. ..San Diego is too damned sunny for me.