Saturday, February 25, 2006

It's time for a mid-year's resolution.

I've had my fill of Bill O'Reilly, Ann Coulter, President Poopyshorts and the proud nation that follows them around like a horde of lost ducklings. It's no longer about politics, it's about not being an idiot.

I am going to do my best to leave it as their problem. I'm tired of being worn down by ignorance, of feeling embarassed for my country and freaking out every time I see an H2.

I've come to the realization that there is balance to be found. For every Insane Clown Posse zealot, there's a thoughtful, insightful and informed citizen who can engage in intelligent discourse without screaming about "titty huntin' " and waving their middle finger around. For every overgrown gym class bully who watches Hannity and Colmes, there's someone who actually reads the newspaper and makes decisions only after close scrutiny of the information available to them. And maybe soon there'll be a hybrid car to match all the giant trucks and East/West/Orange County Choppers (side note: I hate "choppers." A lot.) clogging the streets.

My head needs a vacation.


Anonymous said...

i have been feeling the exact same lately, too. for all the same reasons and ideals. may i accompany you in this vacation..?
i'm not certain i'm strong enough to attempt it alone.

Renee said...

Who the hell is hannity and colmes?

..see, this is why I prefer social isolation and reading the japanese tabloids, because at least when the japanese are ridiculous, they're funny. When the americans are ridiculous, it's just painful.

Matthew said...

Sean Hannity is a cold sore in a suit. Colmes is his monkey.

Steve said...

There are so many stereotypes here. Calling such a large group a bunch of idiots just isn't like you, Matt. Are ICP fans all mindless, stuttering buffoons, or just stressed kids looking for a way to vent? It's absurd to think that a handful of misguided youths is ruining this country, or really affecting your quality of life at all. And are you saying that people who watch Hannity and Colmes don't read the newspaper? They might not come to all the same conclusions as you, but that doesn't mean they're not informed. I also wouldn't say that giant trucks and motorcycles are "clogging" the streets. The most popular cars out there are small, reasonably fuel-efficient economy cars. The Prius is killing the Hummer right now, but they're both status symbols. I read that the average motorcycle gets around 50 miles to the gallon. I hate to say it, but your Eurovan probably gets about 15, maybe less. The H2 gets around 13. For every asshole like Bill O'Reilly, there's another, admittedly funnier asshole like Bill Maher who's just as biased. There are plenty of Republicans that agree with you on issues like the Iraq war, gay marriage, and abortion. You preach the importance of freedom of expression and opinion but complain when that freedom is used in a way you don't approve of. When I read your occasional post like this one, I get the feeling you only consider blanket statements to be stereotyping when they're directed at groups that you identify with.

Matthew said...

I get very frustrated when I observe people who willfully envelop themselves in mindlessness. This post was written in one such moment of exasperation.

Honestly, when I re-read this post, I agree with you. I indulged in stereotypes. Yes, I accept that not all ICP kids are assholes. I dated one, after all. But with certain groups of people there is an edge of cruelty and indifference, directed towards themselves and the rest of the world, that I can't stomach, and sometimes my patience wears too thin to put up with it. I did make too many generalizations, and it's because I just feel worn out.

I don't mean to be partisan. I just see the majority of the ignorance that is suffocating the nation as coming from the right wing. Liberals have their fair share of bullshit dogma and I'm sure they'd be more than willing to impose their will on everyone else if given the opportunity. It's just that Neo-Cons have cornered the market on thoughtless nonsense for the moment.