Sunday, March 30, 2008

Cue Ball

Shaved my head. The kind where every strand of hair is a centimeter-long cliché standing at attention. New Beginning whatever.

A nice little analogy pooped into my head while I was trying to take a nap at 8 p.m. My life is like a cruise ship. Plenty of opportunities for merrymaking, but completely intolerable if not moving forward.

Now my head sheds water. I'm feeling all hydrodynamic. I'm going to sleep at four in the morning not because I can't bring myself to close the book on a day in which nothing was discernibly accomplished but because my cerebral cortex is itchy with visions of the future.

I love and hate the night before travel. Ever feel like a pellet in a slingshot, stretched taut?


Giselle said...

ai ai ai! go matt. wish i was there to see you!

Jessica said...

No. You are weird.
Just kidding. All of the time.
Do you ever feel like a baby kitten is gnawing (teething, or suckling, perhaps) on your breastbone?