Monday, June 16, 2008


A mugshot of cynicism. Cynicism that is just weariness, like, SHIT, is all there is a bunch of people staring with necrose eyes into the searing luminosity of various capitalist supernovae, is all there is the yawning of the century's grave, a playing-out of all human passions to their dull, imitable, vacant generalities, is all there is a great David Attenborough beyond time and space telegraphing his final, dire assessments directly into hearts and minds that are too exhausted and weak by the end of history's abortive new morality play to reach for the remote? Fire? Brimstone? Robin Williams fruit bats and singing piles of primordial sludge? Hannity and Colmes and Abbie Hoffman and Carlos Mencia and He Who Refuses to Refer to the Police As Anything but "Babylon?" This? Is our dialogue? Is the vocabulary of our future?

Ugh. Ugh ugh UGH MUGSHOT. I am placing listlessness under citizen's arest and thrusting it forward in the sterile, halogen chambers of my soul's jurisprudence, to stagger and lift heavy eyelids in Noltean discombobulation towards the camera. Snap. The ugly ooze. The desiccated vampire. See it. The acquiescence is breaking all the toys, keeping passions imitable, tearing red suits off the overgrown elves of the world to reveal shivering, naked old men. The acceptance of ultimatums, saying things like "we are a virus spreading upon the face of the Earth," plunging curious fingers into the boils, dancing amongst the lepers and playing violin in hopes of a city to burn.

You are under arrest.

You will not allow the idiots, pretenders, charlatans, zealots, myrmidons, monsters, monsters, monsters, monsters, monsters, all of them monsters with gnashing teeth, words that are all violence, New Tomorrows Trojan Horses all, filled to the flaring nostrils and stamping hooves with death and misery and camps and mass graves, I AM ADDRESSING YOU, DIRECT-ACTION-TAKERS, GUERILLA-PROTESTING-SITTING-IN-PORT-BLOCKING-TREE-KILLING-FOR-WHATEVER-IT-TAKES-PROMOTING-SOLDIERS-OF-PURE-HUMORLESSNESS-WHICH-IS-A-TRUE-EVIL. Which wall shall we all line up against, fools, you fools?

You will not allow them to enter your mind and make hope a lie, make beauty uncomplicated, make virtue easy, keep you from saying frightened, unknowing, searching things to others. You will not tread within the fences of their rhetorical ghettos. YOU WILL NOT STOP BEING IN LOVE WITH THINGS THAT DESERVE TO BE LOVED just because banality has marshaled all its most gropingest hands to crawl all over them.

So I say it now,

I love falling asleep to the sound of a lone Mockingbird singing in the night and I want there to be Mockingbirds again and again,

I love the Eucalyptus trees swaying in the canyons, the rope swings that hang from their branches, the memories that clutched at their termini,

I do not love that they have been cut down, for safety, which is something like No More Mockingbirds Because They Are Very Loud,

I love the Earth, the growing things it invented to send breezes through, its deep waters, that which moves upon them, its menagerie of hungry mouths, its awkward, adolescent charge that is man,

I do not love false winds, those who blow them to drown out our senses, nor those who would send us out on an ice floe to die a stuttering, premature death for want of less-acned skin, a more confident stride.

So count me in, in the dreaming, the amalgamating of unlikely hopes. They will not resemble much of anything to be recognized. And my gates will remain impervious to gifts.


You have been caught.


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