Monday, January 12, 2004

My life since hormone first-contact has basically followed a cyclic trend; long periods of mediocrity pocked with the occasional radical shift up or down. I'll occasionally be hit by short periods of utter bliss and euphoria, and sporadic periods of dischord and depression. Must be something chemical, just a natural process.

During these emotional lapses I always have a hard time explaining to myself why I suddenly want to jump for joy / off a bridge. It's probably simpler just not to ask.

In PE today I felt a kind of resonating loneliness for no apparent reason. I found that just going with it actually made it a rewarding experience. When you stop trying to attach labels to your emotions, they harmonize. Be sad for the sake of being sad, happy for the sake of being happy. There was something soothing, cathartic even, about that experience. Nothing all that special, I just thought it was refreshing to feel something pure, even if unpleasant. It passed of its own accord, it always does.

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