Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Don't Pick at It Radio will now be airing on Wednesdays at 7:00 pm. Here is the link, don't lose it. DPAIR

Instead of doing another rap contest, I'm going to try something very different. Whoever can most accurately reconstruct the weird dream I had the other night using these pictures as a guide will get to co-host.

Those of you whom I've already explained the dream to are disqualified.


Valentin said...

A black newspaper boy is secretly affiliated with the mafia, and on a slightly cloudy night, on the banks of a clear, pristine lake, they assassinated a boat.

Anonymous said...

A crazy black man was reading the news paper to Don Corleone (spelling?) on a dark night in a funny boat. Hilarity ensued.


Boxcar Kelly said...

okay, so you and denzel were on a lake at sunset in a paddle boat, then you come up to a toll booth in the middle of the water and denzel pays the fee even though you had exact change. Then the toll guy slams the window and ducks down and don corleone and his men stand up and start shooting the crap out of your paddle boat. Amazingly you came away from this unscathed, but dezel...well he wasn't so lucky. So you decided to high tail it out of there because of your extensive police record, but before you go, you cover up denzel in newspaper, just like he had asked you to the day before. Also for good measure you throw your hands into the air, look up at the camera and shout KAAAHNN!!!

Boxcar Kelly said...

oh, and if that is not right...nothing is!

Anonymous said...

that one godfather guy was on a lake trip and lurking in the trees was denzel washington. he ran out from his hiding space onto the lake's dock and did one of those flying squirrel maneuvers and attacked don on his paddleboat. dude denzel, you don't go out and attack old guys.

in addition, a journalist who has a denzel fetish (he is known to have denzel head-shaped cookie cutters with the precise nose crook) innocently ambling along and it was in the papers the next morning. fucking journalists, i hate them.


Jeffrey said...

Denzel washington wsa beating Don Colione (spelling?) with a newspaper. Don was within an inch of his life when the full moon shone on him. Don turned into a werewolf and killed Denzel. He dumped the body into a lake then took a leisurely peedleboat ride.