Monday, March 14, 2005

I'm now convinced that one's enjoyment of life is directly proportional to the amount of sleep they are getting. I got fourteen hours of sleep last night, it lends perspective.

Dreariness gone. Things make sense. Information is processed logically. It's like open-access to your whole brain and everything glows.

I spent yesterday dancing with the strange and beautiful things of the sea. Massive, flowing, eating beings. I hooked a shark and just stood there, holding on to it, helpless and absurd. The staggering simplicity of the thing is incommunicable.

The Young Man and the Sea


the Last of my Kind said...

Sweet pics; who knew squids got so big. Kinda makes me wonder about the ACTUAL size of that huge lizard thing.

Matthew said...


Anonymous said...

its slow at first, but insane enough to be justified.

Anonymous said...

as much as I love hyper-emotional and devious schemes to take over the planet, it really is the simple things, isnt' it