Saturday, March 19, 2005

It's the hidden logic of the internet that I can say words like "love" and "God" without embarassment. I can see hundreds of us bearing our chests to our screens, a thousand and one midnight confessionals. We're really quite vulnerable, yeah? Why hide behind boxes, isolated, hurting? We don't have to be distanced. Everything we say to each other doesn't have to amuse. We can be honest, we can be honest.

We can bring it out in the open. Those things you think about when you can't sleep can become realities if you want them to. We don't have to be half-humans anymore, we can find each other.

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the Last of my Kind said...

We can but we won't. We find comfort in speaking words through walls, knowing that they fall on ears without answers. We have solace in the possibility that our screams and hopes for salvation may become like message bottles; tossed and turned in the careless world by careless wind and waves, sunk to the bottom of a cold, dark abyss, read by no one, lost forevermore.