Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Last year, I turned twenty with a ritual. It was kind of weird so I'm not going to share the details. I turned twenty-one tonight with a much better one.

I spent my last half-hour as a minor collecting significant belongings and stacking them in a pile next to my computer chair. Lots of books. And Superbad. Kenneth Patchen, Kerouac, a book of career-oriented personality tests my mom had to coerce me into reading, the Chronicles of Narnia, even my copy of Diablo II. Then I composed a photo collage of friends and family, took it in to get a sense of story as the numbers rolled by. And roll they did.

Now I'm an adult. It feels weird that it feels good to write that. Not to sound over-sentimental (I, of course, never do), but it feels like a new kind of childhood. Square something-close-to-one.

I'm going to eat a bunch of my words and start practicing Chinese medicine and eating herbs and having fun with myself, because to me, being an adult mostly means having humility and a sense of humor. Why not? It's an adventure. Everything's an adventure.


Steve said...

>>I turned twenty-one tonight

Yay. Happy birthday! I'm 30 on Friday. I feel younger than I've ever done. I know much less than I did 5 years ago, but I feel a hell of a lot better. Yay for age!

>>I'm going to eat a bunch of my words

Yay for humility, most underrated of the virtues...

>>start practicing Chinese medicine

Yay for the five elements!

>>and eating herbs

Yay for nature!

>>and having fun with myself.

Yay to that too.


Just "yay", in general, all the time.

Jake said...

How butt-drunk did you get?

Anonymous said...

i think this is the most uplifting set of words i've ever seen from you, matt.

hurrah and let's go get a drink.

- giselle